To provide assistance and relief to purebred Pembroke Welsh Corgis from Oregon and the Vancouver, WA, metropolitan area that are in need of new homes.


  • CRPWCC will work with purebred Pembrokes, regardless of their quality.

  • The main area of operation is Oregon and the Vancouver, WA, metropolitan area.

  • Puppies are not purchased from puppy mills or pet stores in order to "save them".

  • Reasonable veterinary bills for neuter, dental, vaccinations and other medical issues are expected and paid in order to place a Pembroke in a new environment.

  • It is expected that euthanasia will occasionally be the right answer.

  • Every adopter will complete and application, adoption form and release.

  • Every Pembroke will be placed on a trial basis.

  • When CRPWCC refers a potential adopter to a person who wants to place their Pembroke, without the dog entering the rescue program, CRPWCC is not responsible, nor liable, for any result.

  • Pembrokes with behavioral issues involving people cannot be placed in a new home without documented approval of the entire rescue committee and first communicating this action with the Board.  A disclaimer must be signed by the adopter acknowledging their awareness of the situation.

  • Rescue committee members will at all times adhere to the accepted mission statement, principles, policies and procedures.

Corgi Rescue Mission Statement