Our newsletter: "Corgi Currents"

Articles appearing in the publication may not be reprinted elsewhere without the permission of Corgi Currents and the article author. If granted permission to reprint an article, proper credit must be given and a copy of the publication containing the reprint must be sent to the Corgi Currents editor. The Corgi Currents committee will review all articles and ads prior to their publication, and reserves the right to refuse any it considers inappropriate. In addition, the editors of Corgi Currents reserve the right to edit any material submitted for presentation in the Corgi Currents.  The opinions expressed in the newsletter are not necessarily those of the CRPWCC, the CPWCC, the Corgi Currents committee, or any other newsletter contributors.

Advertising in Corgi Currents

Front Cover w/photo: Back Cover w/photo: Full Page w/photo: Half Page: Quarter Page: Each Additional Photo: $ 40.00 $ 30.00 $ 25.00 $ 15.00 $ 10.00 $ 8.00 Ads may be submitted by anyone, subject to the advertising policy.  Contact Pat Teel at pat_teel@hotmail.com, for further instructions.   Corgi Currents accepts no responsibility for errors in ads printed. 

Subscription Information

Our newsletter, Corgi Currents, is a joint effort of CRPWCC and Cascade PWCC and is available free of charge to CRPWCC and Cascade PWCC members in good standing.  It is published three times a year: Spring, Fall and Winter.

 Members who wish to have the newsletter mailed to them (rather than picking it up at a meeting) are charged a $10 annual mailing fee. The subscription rate for non-members is $21.00 per year, first class mail. Single issues may be purchased for $7.50 per issue.

How to Submit Articles to Corgi Currents

You can provide either electronic files or paper copy. You can submit a diskette to the editor, Pat Teel, or e-mail the information to her (either in the body of the e-mail or as a file attached to the e-mail message). If e-mailing a file, be sure your mail program does not compress or convert attached files. Attach only one file per e-mail message. E-mail the file to Pat Teel at pat_teel@hotmail.com.

If you are submitting a paper copy, please type or print. Indicate the formatting desired (bold, italic, large print, and so forth). Include your name and telephone number. Keep a copy of the page(s) for yourself, in case we call you with questions. If you are providing photos or artwork, put your name on the back of each item. When sending material to us via Express Mail or FedEx, be sure you waive the signature.